ZEP Racing is currently seeking out young downhill racers for our GROM FREERACE TEAM (Ages 10-13), JR. RACE CAMPS (Ages 12-14), KOVARIK RACE CAMPS (Ages 15+)

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ZEP Racing - 2018 Programs



A diverse, fun program, designed to build young riders into better “athletes”… meaning safer, smoother, faster riders, with more body awareness and better decision making. If they want to race, great, we’ll help them, but racing isn’t the sole focus of this team.

Riding, progressing, having fun on two wheels, with a professional, experienced, certified coach, will give these kids the skills to take their biking wherever they want.

The ZEP Grom Freeracers Team is a perfect recipe for the kids to be stoked, their skills to truly develop and for parents to be confident in their kids safety and a genuine return on their investment.


Coaching sessions will be two days per week, with race coaching and support at select Kidsworx and Phat Kidz Races.

Coaching will vary between Whistler Valley, Bike Park, Pump Track, Air Dome and Skate Park sessions. If you can ride it on two wheels, we’ll be there! We’ll also cover suspension set up, bike set up and maintenance to keep the riders gear top notch.

The program also includes a few bike-yoga and rock climbing sessions. Multi-sports help keep the kids excited, motivated and learning. Different disciplines build body awareness, mobility and balance skills that transfer to their biking.

Video Edits will be designed, produced filmed and edited as a team, building the kids knowledge and skills required for todays online, media savvy world. They’ll love it!

ZEP Coaches always maximize sessions for safety, risk management and skill progression, so the kids can build the skills without the spills.


  • $2995 + tax
  • Ages 10 - 13 yrs old
  • Max 6 riders (will run with 4)
  • May 1st - September 1st, 2018 (option to extend into October)
  • Coaching Tuesday & Wednesdays (afternoon rides during school term)
  • Bike Park, Enduro, XC, Pump Track, Air Dome, Skate Park


  • Lunches!
  • ZEP Troy Lee Designs Team Jersey & TLD gloves
  • ZEP Race Team Hat
  • Five Ten Pro-Deal Code
  • 38 Coaching Sessions
  • Kidsworx & Phat Kids Race Support
  • Video Edits
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Yoga & Rock Climbing Sessions


$995 +tax

ZEP are proud to once again offer The Kovarik Race Camp - designed for racers looking to push their skills, speed and consistency to the next level. These camps are coached by downhill world cup legend, Chris Kovarik.

The five-day camp will focus on advanced technical skills and maneuvers, and introducing the tactical concepts for racing. Chris will analyze your riding, isolate areas to improve and help each rider reach their potential. His years racing and coaching at the highest level make this fantastic opportunity to learn from one of the best in the world.

Ages: 15+
Dates: TBD


  • Five days coaching
  • ZEP Race Team Hat
  • Lunch Included


$825 +tax

The Junior Race Camp is designed for young aspiring racers, ages 12-14. These are advanced riders who are confident on all trails, but are hoping to increase their speed and start trying their hand at racing. This program is a stepping-stone for young athletes to develop their skills before jumping into provincial racing events.

The five-day camp will focus on teaching advanced technical skills and maneuvers, and introducing the tactical concepts for racing. The week will also introduce sport psychology and nutrition concepts designed to introduce young athletes to the other factors of racing. These camps are a fantastic insight into downhill racing and are so much fun!

Ages: 12-14
Dates: TBD


  • Five days coaching
  • ZEP Race Team Hat
  • Lunch Included


Private lessons provide the ultimate learning environment. Joining ZEP Race Team Coaches for a personal, focused tuition on your specific needs will allow you to progress your skills and help you pick up your pace for the next race!

Half Day - 1 person $289
(+$40 for each additional person up to 5)
Full Day - 1 person $409
(+$70 for each additional person up to 5)
ZEP Racing is the newly established competitive branch of Whistler based ZEP Techniques, focused primarily on downhill racing. ZEP has been an industry leader in coach and rider training for the past 10 years. ZEP Racing will embrace the ZEP philosophy to provide the highest standard in the coaching of mountain bike racers so people can safely learn to ride with more skill, confidence and fun; bringing new racers into the sport whilst pushing the standard for youth downhill racing. ZEP Racing is being created to give young downhill athletes in Western Canada access to inclusive development programs, providing them with the tools to succeed on the local, provincial, national and world stage. By utilizing top industry sport psychologists, nutritionists and coaches ZEP Racing will deliver specific training to help achieve the athlete’s goals. By creating a positive team environment our goal is to keep racing fun and give athletes a support system while training and competing to alleviate the natural stresses that occur while racing.


The goal of the ZEP Race Team is to give young athletes the tools required to meet their personal goals in  mountain biking. We believe in athlete-centric approach to coaching, that focuses on the processes involved in  becoming a well-rounded athlete and human being. This includes teaching the hard work, dedication and perseverance required to be successful. The overlying goal of the program is to have fun and instil a lifelong passion for all things mountain biking and that by doing so athletes will achieve the desired results.


Paul Howard

Owner & Technical Coach

Whistler, B.C.

Coaching Experience:
Riding, racing & coaching for 20 years / Owner of ZEP Techniques & Technical Director of the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association / PMBIA Level 3, PMBIA Examiner / CASI Level 4, CASI Examiner, Canadian Team Member Interski 2015

Favourite Trail:
Any trail that flows and allows you to play on the bike. The less braking the better!

Transition Bikes, FOX Suspension, Troy Lee Designs, Five Ten, MRP, ANVL Components, Vorsprung Suspension, EVOC

Ross Dunlop

Support Coach

Pemberton, BC

Coaching Experience:
13 years teaching all levels of snowboarding / 5 years teaching with ZEP Techniques / PMBIA Level 2 & Course Conductor / Reign Snowboarding Assistant World Cup Boarder-Cross Coach 2016/17 / CASI Level 4

Favourite trails:
Cop Killer, 19th Hole, Lord of the Squirrels.

Transition Bikes, FOX Suspension, Troy Lee Designs, Five Ten, MRP, ANVL Components, Vorsprung Suspension, EVOC


ZEP is the premier mountain bike coaching company in B.C., offering camps, lessons and private coaching in Whistler, since 2006. ZEP’s owner and head coach, Paul Howard, also developed and founded the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association - the industries largest and most recognized MTB instructor training certification, in the world. ZEP is thus world renowned as industry leaders in mountain bike coaching and instructor training. Paul began his coaching career teaching mountain biking to kids in North Carolina, so it feels great to get back to our roots, with our kids programs. All the ZEP Coaches have years of racing, riding and coaching experience and can’t wait to share it with the next generation of shredders!


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